Surrendering an Animal for Adoption

**Please note: Animal Rescue of Carroll does not hold an Animal Control Contract with the city of Carroll or Carroll County. 

Stray animals should be reported to:

Found in City of Carroll:
Carroll Police Department: 712-792-3536

Found outside of the City of Carroll but in Carroll County:

Carroll County Sheriff: 712-792-4393

**ARC is not obligated to hold an animal that is sick or injured beyond treatable capacity for ARC. The animal will be humanely and painlessly euthanized by licensed veterinary staff. This is up to the sole discretion of ARC representatives.

Steps for Surrendering an Animal:

  • Complete the Owner Surrender Form

  • ARC volunteer will make contact to discuss intake

  • If there is no space at the shelter, owner may be asked to house animal until there is room available

  • Owner brings in animal for surrender

 Fees For Surrendering:

  • Adult Animals (6 months and older)- $20/animal surrendered

  • Litter of Animals(under age of 6 months)- $5/animal surrendered

  • The animal(s) will be evaluated and are eligible to be immediately placed up for adoption

  • The owner may also send any pet supplies w/ the pet including food, bowls, crate, toys, etc along w/ the surrendering fee to help the animal adjust to its new surroundings.